You're at the site for the Washington D.C. area Perl Mongers. We get together and talk about perl, teach one another new tricks of the trade and advocate the language wherever possible. Forays into other open-source software & hardware have been known to happen. Have ideas for the web site? Feel free to create a wiki page for your content. :)


Our meetings go down on the first Tuesday of every month from about 7pm-9pm in Washington, DC. When meetings don't happen on the first Tuesday of the month, we are notified on the mailing list, and this site and meetup.com is updated.

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Upcoming Presentations

All meetings are devoted to group discussion and helping each other. But it is nice to have a formal presentation or specific topic as well. Here is the queue of speakers who have proposed topics to be discussed at upcoming meetings.

Upcoming topics:

Suggested Presentations/Topics

If you have an idea for a topic or would like to make a presentation, please send a note to the mailing list, or bring it up at a meeting... or edit this page and add it to the list!

Past Meetings

See the Meeting Notes, for links and details.

Recent topics:

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To unsubscribe, send an email to dc-unsubscribe@lists.pm.org with "unsubscribe dc" in the body of the message (no subject necessary).

The mailing list only accepts posts from subscribers. If you wish to post but are not willing to subscribe (for instance if you wish to post a job opening, etc.) you should forward your message to one of the contacts listed below and they will post it to the list if appropriate. Also, check out http://jobs.perl.org for jobs posting.

The list is not archived, so we try to update the wiki with the important bits.